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Guangzhou Yushu Packaging Products Co., Ltd. has its own professional R & D team, with many years of experience in R & D and design of senior engineers led by a group of capable, dynamic new materials, molds and other aspects of the composition of the Yushu independent research and development of fruitful, of which a number of package material innovation to obtain national patents. Yushu use design to explore new package design, create innovative aesthetics, and use the world's common design language to express the product, with Chinese design to create a world brand.

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  • Guangzhou Yu plastic product development video

  • Even Mist Oral Spray Bottle

  • Creative Duo Finger Lip Glaze

  • Customized and branded

    Product Development Documentary

  • Even Mist Oral Spray Bottle

    Easy Press Spray - Replaceable Capacity

  • Creative Duo Finger Lip Glaze

    Double-ended Lip Glaze - Creative Finger Swirls



About Us

Guangzhou Yu plastic is mainly engaged in all kinds of cosmetic packaging, for domestic and foreign customers OEM production of all kinds of cosmetic packaging, a complete range of categories and varieties. We have been committed to product design and research and development, keen market sense and refined R & D design team, in the torrential market trend, actively explore, constantly innovate, according to different customer needs, and then combined with the international trend, cosmetic industry development trend, cross-industry conceptual design concepts, such as a large number of research data support, in the appearance of the product, technology, structure and quality is always at the forefront of the cosmetics market.

We uphold strict production product standards and excellence in quality management, while constantly improving product production efficiency, we strictly control product quality, so that our customers receive products that exceed their expectations. Over the years, we have been adhering to the use of cutting-edge design concepts, advanced production equipment and innovative professional technology to win the praise of many customers.

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